After Dark

After Dark

This is what happens after Dan and his co-hosts hit "STOP" and their official shows are over. Behind the scenes, casual, unedited, and uncensored.

Hosted by Dan Benjamin.

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449: Tennis with Errol Flynn (Total Party Kill #19)

March 31, 2014 at 12:30PM • 2 hours 23 minutes • Wiki EntryParent Episode

In a special crossover with The Incomparable's Total Party Kill podcast, we present this April Fool's Day episode featuring our panelists playing an entire Trivial Pursuit game. The whole thing. Eight players, the original Genus Edition, no waiting.

Our participants are Philip Michaels, Steve Lutz, David J. Loehr, Scott McNulty, Dan Moren, Monty Ashley, Erika Ensign, and Glenn Fleishman.

Brought to you by boats.

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