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196: The Real Bob Larson Exorcism Experience (and Sex on/with the Moon?)

January 28, 2018 at 12:00PM • 1 hour 5 minutes • Wiki Entry

This awkward week we're talking about stupid in-laws, the sex lottery, and bullying your coworkers. Got questions/comments/stories/whatevers? Call/text 509-AWKWARD or visit for many options!

Special guest: Juliet Bennett Rylah

Special guest: Juliet Bennett Rylah

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Awkward Situation of the Week: Juliet Bennett Rylah goes to an exorcism.

This Week's Questions:

  • Regenold Farquad asks, "Good Day to you, I began listening to your podcast a little over a year ago when I found it on Spotify, at that time you had well over 100 episodes listed. I've been listening on and off listening while I drive to and from work. When I started listening I stared with your latest episode at the time.On finishing it I decided to start at episode 1. I just got past the big episode 100 and had an issue where the episodes would start about half way in and cycling it back to the start while driving was not safe so I skipped through the episodes zeroing them off to the start but when I get to 112 it loops back to episode 1. Today I got on to episode 103 but it wasn't AHS, it wasn't introduced but I'm pretty sure one of the hosts was Richard and the other two were women, one of whom was joining by skype or on the phone and they were talking about Oscars. I'm wondering if it were a show I recall you mentioning that Richard had started discussing pop culture topics. 104 is a valid AHS episode though however it seems odd that all the other episodes are gone. Should this need to be in the form of an awkward situation question. Given the above facts how would you suggest I raise this point with the pod cast in question? Kind Regards Regenold Farquad"
  • Sammy (24/SF) asks, "Hey there awkward coworkers it's Sammy! I am a straight girl and turned 24 last Tuesday! I got a boyfriend for a year and 4 months already. He isn’t Mr. Sexy but I’m not Ms. Sexy either but we chose to try and be Mr. and Ms. Sexy together by trying stuff. Like that means doing anal or sex in a barn. He and me don’t have anything we want to do unless he’s embarrassed ands is keeping secrets (oh noes!) but I doubt it. We have good communication. We decided to make it a surprise so what I did was cut up some papers with sex stuff on them and folded them and put them in a hat. Then in another hat I put pictures of other stuff that might get used for sex such as a dildo or chocolate sauce. Then in another hat I put random pictures for themes or whatever. Yes I have a lot of hats I know. I work in a theater custom department and I keep the throwaway costume items to renew and sell online because they get thrown out otherwise. I also keep some for cosplay. We did a production of Cabaret last season with a director and costume designer who were all about Tim Burton and very picky so there were a lot of those big silly velvet hats and I got to keep all the mistake hats. I guess if you want to use your imagination it’s like we’re pulling sex ideas out of Willy Wonka’s head. But anyways we got role playing from the first hat, butt plug from the second hat, and I got the moon and he got the Bahamas from the third hat. He’s gotta get the Bahamas figured out on his own because that’s his character and we decided we pick out the butt plug for the other as a fun surprise. I thought I would get your guys’s opinions on how to role-play the moon. I got some ideas but I would want to know what you think. What’s good role play for the moon? I don’t have to be the moon by the way. I can be from the moon or part of the moon. It just has to be related to the moon and I think going for the butt is too obvious."
  • Anam asks, "Bullied by co worker in diff ways om diff days Advice?"
  • Carolina (30s/SF) asks, "so its like this. i got married to my boyfriend 8 mos ago and its great. no probs w him. but i got probs with his family the older brother in particular. dudes kind of an dumbass. didnt do anythin with his life. he got workmans comp from repairing a bus and it fell on his shoulder so he doesnt gotta work. he makes money on online games now or somethin like selling shit or some service thing on 2nd life. its weird and i dont get it. he loves his bro (my husband) and they hang out but he thinks my husband is his best friend. let me tell you he is not. he wont hurt his bros feelings tho and tell em. no problem besides he is jealous of me and thinks his im stealin his bro bc hes a dumbass. they can bro out whatever. i got my shit to do. he pranks me tho. i got hot sauce in my coffee at breakfast last time. b4 that he put raisins in my bed while i was sleepin over for thanksgiving so id think it was bugs or something. yeah you guessed it he still lives with his parents. dumbass doesnt know i love raisins so i got a healthy snack in the mornin. eat that shit ronnie. whatevs. my husband is like its funny let it go but its not those 2 times but way more. im like talk to your bro and hes like thats gonna make it worse. its like they let him do whatev he wanna do and no consequences. not cool. so im outta ideas. you got any?"

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