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A weekly interview with fans of podcasting: who they are, what they are into, and their thoughts and opinions about podcasts and podcasting.

Hosted by Mike Beasterfeld.

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17: StuartCo

October 16, 2014 at 8:00AM • 38 minutes • Wiki Entry

Mike talks with Writer, Podcaster, and Event Coordinator Stuart Coates.

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General background

Stuart is an event coordinator and designer living in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. He attended school at Portland Community College and found himself in a J.O.B. job in the fall.

Current interests

Stuart is interested in anything design related, from graphic, to industrial, interaction to information. He highly recommends the show On The Grid. He wants to travel more after having spent a collective year in Southeast Asia.

Growing up

One of the best years of Stuart's life was when he was in 6th grade. This formative year gave him some of the best friends he still has today and helped him become a confident and independent human.

Origin Story

When Stuart got his first iPhone in the fall of 2012, he discovered The Frequency in the podcasts app, which brought him to the rest of the shows on 5by5. He really liked the concept of having show titles suggested by the Jackals, he has a few suggestions that made it into the show. 


Favorite active show - B2W, On The Grid

Favorite retired show - Capital, Hypercritical

Favorite not on 5by5 - Roderick on the Line

Other great podcasts: Accidental Tech Podcast, Savage Lovecast, On Being, The Heart, Here Be Monsters, This is Actually Happening, The Talk Show


Stuart listens to a lot of Podcasts (currently subscribed to 72). In fact, it's his main form of entertainment. In the summer he played a lot of video games, but fell out of it in the fall.

He reads Bon Appetit, Wired, Elle Decor, and Kinfolk.

On the web

You can find Stuart on Twitter @StuartCoates and his podcast is at