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22: Episode 22 - Speedup Juice

November 19, 2013 at 1:00PM • 1 hour 14 minutes • Wiki Entry

The News

  1. Apple Released the iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina
  2. Those iOS 7 icons zoom at you doing 20 miles/hour

The Discussion

  1. Downsides to iOS 7 app auto-updates from the developers perspective.
  2. A tale of 2 Games
    1. Different revenue models
      1. Free
      2. In App Purchase
      3. Paid
    2. Download Numbers
    3. Press
    4. Getting Featured
    5. Tetra
      1. Free, in "Board games and puzzles"
      2. Tried to get press.
      3. Sent out pitch emails, but no traction
      4. Released the week before Burning Man
      5. Showed up in an AppAdvice article
      6. Featured in International App stores
      7. 24,400 Downloads
        1. 5,000 in US/UK
        2. 19,000 Other International
      8. 138 unlock purchases, half from US/UK, other half from other international users.
    6. WordGrid
      1. No press
      2. 197 purchases of the app
      3. #16 top paid word game
    7. Library created for social gaming, not publicly available, more to come in the future.
    8. Are paid apps dead?

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