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34: Episode 34 - We have a whiteboard and stickers

July 3, 2014 at 1:00PM • 58 minutes • Wiki Entry


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The Discussion

  • Elevate
    • Quick description
    • What did launch day/week look like for you and the team?
    • Getting featured on iTunes.
    • How many iOS developers worked on this app? 2 dev, 2 UI, 2 Android, 5 game devs
      • How did you break up work?
        • Game devs write the games in Lua
      • Any technical challenges related to working on the app with other devs?
        • Any tips for others?
          • Try to break things up in a way so that pieces can be independently developed
    • Knowing that you’re starting from scratch, what frameworks/technologies/stacks do you make sure you incorporate early? RAC, Mantle, Kiwi
      • Why?
    • Tell us about your product development / design / development process
      • What’s your process for working with designers / product managers? How do balance what’s possible vs. what’s cost-effective.
        • Elevate has some great animations / interactions that make the app feel alive as you use it. There were likely other interactions etc. that didn’t make it into the app. How do you decide what stays and what goes?
    • What’s one feature of the app that looks complicated, but isn’t. Why? Particles!
    • What’s one feature of the app that looks simple, but isn’t. Why?


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