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41: Episode 41 - It's probably a Core Data issue

September 19, 2014 at 2:45PM • 60 minutes • Wiki Entry

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Chad (@jazzychad)

Jason (@jak)

  • Vangogh - “Vangogh is an iOS library for testing how well an application works for people with various kinds of color vision deficiencies.”

John (@johnsextro)

Frustrated by Evernote’s lack of support for Markdown, I’m evolving my note taking and writing workflow.  It’s currently a work in progress, so I’ll provide future updates here as it evolves.

Alternative show title suggestions

  • Reachability confusion
  • Reachability disambiguation
  • I don’t feel bad
  • That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla
  • Does that make it better?
  • We all know how the sausage is made
  • It’s probably a Core Data issue
  • Skinning a cat with long-lived branches
  • Make rows
  • Feature Drivers
  • Project Starbuck
  • [[9C858B84-0732-4652-952C-8AD2D537AB0 alloc] init]
  • #If and #Elses
  • Everything is made of spit and duct tape
  • I’m not a maven on AirBNB
  • Why not just throw it away
  • Burning it down with fire
  • Negative lines of code
  • John2005
  • Future John
  • Sometimes it’s good to start fresh
  • Straight to mah bukket
  • Eye opening
  • Sure