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Hosted by Darryl Thomas and John Sextro.

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57: Episode 57 - Broad Breadth

February 26, 2015 at 7:00PM • 51 minutes • Wiki Entry

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The Discussion

Generalization vs Specialization

  • Back to Work #209: Habitual Ritual
  • What causes some folks to collect hobbies/interests while others focus on and master one thing?
  • Opinion: Is It Better to Specialize or Generalize? - Nora Dunn (no, not the SNL Nora Dunn)
  • What type are we?
    • John
      • Restless. I like to learn a little bit about a lot of stuff.
      • I wish that I could learn a lot about a large number of things, but I don’t have the time nor the mental capacity.
      • I believe in the axiom that “Someone always knows more ‘Karate’” and that frustrates my efforts to go deep in any one area.
    • Chad
      • Cop-out. Somewhere in the middle.
    • Darryl
      • Generalist. I have always collected hobbies and dabbled in things superficially. This has transferred over to my professional life with two major (but complementary) career changes.
  • How does this serve us with regard to iOS development?
  • How has this hindered us?

Open-Source Project of the Week

  • DDAntennaLogger - Giovanni Lodi Giovanni asked what we thought of his simple remote logger. I was unfamiliar with both CocoaLumberjack and Antenna, so I’m passing the question along to our listeners. What do you folks think? Open up some issues/pull requests for Giovanni.




  • Slender from MartianCraft is one of those rare tools that fits neatly between development and design. Slender will scan your Xcode or Web projects and provide information on how image assets are being used. Exposing retina issues, unused assets, wasted space, and designer mistakes.


Alternative show title suggestions

  • Not a hater
  • Collecting hobbies
  • Cop-out
  • OCD Thing
  • Systems on a hole
  • In Love with what they do
  • The way the winds are blowing
  • Saxophone
  • I really, really like bowling...a lot
  • Baby Carrots
  • Dark and Brooding
  • Competent and Confident
  • Grammar show
  • Going to the model moon
  • Question mark?