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94: One Handed is a Little Awkward

December 1, 2015 at 1:30PM • 51 minutes • Wiki Entry

Darryl and John sit down with Jason Kozemczak to discuss multitasking on the iPad and Jason's experience enabling an app for multitasking.

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Discussion - iPad Multitasking

  • First introduced with iOS 9
  • Variants
    • Slide-Over
      • supported by ALL iPads on iOS 9
    • Split View
      • Slide-Over on steroids
      • iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro
    • Picture in Picture
  • All iPad apps opted-in
    • Apps with no Launch storyboard are opted out
    • UIRequiresFullScreen in Info.plist
    • Even “opted-out” apps are still running in a multitasking environment
  • Supporting multi-tasking in Instacart for iOS
  • Are we concerned about other apps impacting the perceived performance of your own app?
  • A push from Apple toward Universal apps?
    • Has multi-tasking effectively killed separate iPad / iPhone apps?
    • Is this a further “squeeze” of indie developers? Another “platform” that needs to be supported by a single purchase (iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch / whatever comes next)
  • Split Views and Unexpected Keyboards - Use Your Loaf





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