Micromobility explores the disruption to urban transport that comes from new electric, lightweight utility vehicles. Using the history of computing as a framework, we unpack how e-bikes, scooters and more will change how people get around cities.

Hosted by Oliver Bruce and Horace Dediu.

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18: Micromobility Safety with Steve Anderson

January 25, 2019 at 1:00AM • 1 hour 4 minutes • Wiki Entry

In this episode, we have Steve Anderson (@Rashomon2) as a guest on the podcast. Steve has a long history in motorcycle safety and engineering forensics, and more recently has been working on low powered electric vehicles. He will be speaking at the upcoming Micromobility Summit in California on the 31st of January.

We cover:
- The role of vehicle design, infrastructure and speed in micromobility safety.
- The coming emergence of different form factors, including cabin motorcycles and enclosed cargo trikes
- Different avoidance and damage mitigation options for micromobility.
- Helmets - their impact and how their role in micromobility. Be sure to check out the Danish airbag helmet, the Hovding, at hovding.com
- The role of fun and joy in micromobility’s appeal.

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