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I/O and Astrophysics

152: I/O and Astrophysics

May 19, 2017 at 4:00AM • 1 hour 58 minutes • Wiki Entry

Newly-minted New York Times and former Lifehacker editor Alan Henry joins us to figure out what everything in the universe is, from a scientific perspective. It's time for some crazy theoretical physics!

Warning: this may be a somewhat challenging episode compared to what we usually do, and we might throw around some terms and ideas that we won't have time to dive into deeply. We're going to attempt to make this conversation as accessible to everyone as possible, so you can follow along just fine even if theoretical (astro)physics isn't your thing, but be sure to look at the links in the show notes for a bunch of educational resources that can help you learn more about the topics discussed—if you're interested, of course. We focused on providing resources that won't take too long to get read or watch. :)

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